“Play is the highest form of research.”
– Albert Einstein

Playing with your xhildStudies have shown that interacting with adults helps children to hone their creativity, language and problem-solving skills. Playtime is a great opportunity for adults and older brothers and sisters to bond with the children in their family, share their knowledge, and teach young kids social skills and values in a fun, safe setting. Playtime is also a great way for stressed and overworked parents to relax!

When playing with your child, these general guidelines may be helpful:

Tip #1:  Play with your child often, especially during the early formative years. 

Tip #2:  Compliment your child on how he or she plays. Children need to get the message that play is important.

Tip #3:  Create a playful atmosphere by providing suitable toys and materials. To see what’s appropriate for your child, check our Age-by-Age Toy Guide.

Tip #4:  Keep your child engaged by coming up with exciting new toys, games and activities. For some ideas, check out our Play Tips for Every Season and our Play is Forever Playbook.

Tip #5:  Supervise and intervene when necessary.

Tip #6:  Check toys and equipment for broken or worn parts.

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